Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thoughts on weaving, gardening and being Fox

In an effort to bring various aspects of my life together in a more integrated fashion, I am beginning this blog today on my dear husband's birthday.

My weaving studio, Lacetree Weaving, llc, is installed in the new addition to our house and things are moving along nicely. I soon will be finishing up my piece for the Red Thread Project, a Gathering Artists exhibit at the Community Arts Center in Danville in October and November. This blog is part of the homework I've been working on from my session with Kathleen O'Brien, a Peer Advisor with the Kentucky Arts Council. She is helping me put a new face on my company and pointing me in a positive and energetic direction.

The garden is producing well and yesterday netted salsa nicely lined up in pint jars, okra flash frozen in bags and marinated roasted Carmen Italian peppers flash frozen in cupcake shapes to grace our winter dishes. Seedlings in the fall and winter garden are doing well, but take daily care. They are covered with row cover cloth to keep the insect and mammal pests out.

I'll need help from the birthday boy to keep things watered for the next few days as I am attending a spiritual retreat. "Being Fox" or more accurately "being my Self" is my daily goal and this retreat is a break from the day-to-day distractions to help me find out how to better be me.